Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love the people who come in my bakery!

All the people who tell me good morning when I came into the mall at 6:30 in the morning!
All the people who wave through the window as I'm getting ready for the day.
The guy who came in today to show me the shirt he bought himself as an Easter present!
The lady who came in, and bought a cupcake for someone opening up their own salon...I even folded the money she was giving her into a shirt, and tried ribbon around it, and it looked like it had a bow tie!

I love the people who come in just to encourage me, and admire my cupcakes.
I love the guy who told me my cupcake was so good that if I wasn't married he would kiss me! It made me giggle. Good thing he didn't know that I'm not married(:
I love the cute older couple who came in, and said they were prying for me, and my business.
I love the random cupcake presents people bring me, just because.
I adore the lady who came in so excited because she wanted sparkly cupcakes at her wedding.
I love all the randomness that happens during my day.
I love that a guy let me put my cupcakes in his helicopter

You all mean so much more to me then you will ever know.
Thank you. ♥


  1. So glad that you are having a great time with the business! Praying all the time! ;)

    Keep the cupcakes coming!!

  2. I love that you love what you do! Oh, and I LOVE your cupcakes!