{ Cupcakes! }

♥ To order please call or text me at 715.213.5201
or send me an email at isparklecupcakes@gmail.com ♥
or come visit! 555 West Grand Ave. Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
I'm in the Rapids Mall!
We are always adding to this list so feel free to check back often!!

Just Chocolate
Red Velvet
Chocolate Chip
Salted Caramel
Monster Cookie Dough
Dirt Cake
Unicorn Poop
Orange Dream
Strawberry Shortcake
White Chocolate Raspberry
Maple Bacon
Chocolate Chip pancake
Blue Moon
Root Beer Float
Peanut buttercup
Milkyway candy bar
Thin Mint
Chocolate Malt
Cherry Almond
Hot fudge sundae
Strawberry Lemonade
Lemon filled
Cookie dough

April Special flavor:
Cherry Blossom.

**For Ideas: Check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/isparklecupcakes
***Since we are a cupcake bakery we do not make sheet cakes, we do make mini cakes, smash cakes, giant cupcake cakes, and cupcakes laid out into shapes!


Classic Sparkles
$2.50/each ~ $14.50/half dozen ~ $28.50/dozen

Custom Sparkles: Special hand crafted cupcakes made just for you,
with custom art on top of each cupcake.
$3/each. $18/per half dozen. $36/per dozen

Mini Sparkles: Simple Swirl Sparkly bite sized cupcakes made with 2x the love!
$1.25/each ~ $13.75/per dozen. 

Mini filled Sparkles: 
$1.50/each ~ $16.50/per dozen. 

Giant Sparkly(feeds 10-15): $35/each ~ add $8 for filling.
Giant Super Sparkly(feeds 20-25) $45/each~ add $10 for filling.

Cupcakes in a jar: (p.s. you can mail these!!!) (2 Cupcakes Stacked inside of a jar with frosting in between) The colors, and candy choices, are endless! $7.50/each.

Cake Pops:

Classic Glitter Pops: a cake pop dipped in chocolate in any color of your choice, sprinkled with glitter: $1.50/each. 

Couture Glitter Pops: (cake pops made just for you--molded into a shape, custom art and/or flavors): $2.50/each

♥♥Weddings: Yes! I'd love to sparkle up your wedding day with some yummy cupcakes! All wedding prices vary, please message, call, or email me with what you had in mind,and I can give you a price quote!