Thursday, March 1, 2012

the world is lovely if you believe it is.

I'm Cassie.
I'm my own person, with my own dreams, and you'll sometimes find me baking cupcakes in my cupcake fairy tutu. I like glitter, and sparkly things. Im enjoying life in my own little world where mean people don't matter, and everything is covered in glitter, and frosting. & your real friends are the ones who support you, and your dreams, and give you big warm hugs when your sad(:

I'm living the life(:


  1. Girl you are loved. And absolutely lovely and sparkly!!! Watch out world here she comes!

  2. I have watched you go though many things over the last couple of years. It has been so fun to watch you bloom into the sparkly fun person that you are today.....don't let anyone or anything change that!

  3. Your blog always puts a sparkly smile on my face!

  4. Love the is so you! Goes with your sparkly personality. Absolutely love your cupcakes! They are heavenly! Can't get enough of them!