Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines day ♥

Oh the craziness that was brought on this
day in the land of iSparkle Cupcakes. ♥

Since it was valentines day my mom stayed at my cupcakery so that I could run to stevens point to get an iPhone, and to have lunch with my boyfriend. Well....I don't think I was at the sprint store more than a half hour, and I get a text message from my sister(Julie) saying that I only had ten cupcakes left..Shes my sister so I thought she was joking...then I call my other sister(Felicia) and she tells me the same thing, so I still think there messing with me, and my mom wasn't answering her phone so my boyfriend and I just went to lunch, then she call me finally and said it was true and by now there weren't any cupcakes left so we ate as fast as we could so I could go back and make more cupcakes, and people were pretty much buying them faster than I could make them.

I ended up selling over 300 cupcakes in one day.

A lady even came back later that night when I was closed and getting ready for the next day just to tell me there was a line of people waiting to get a cupcake.


The day brought to you by instagram:

All in all I ended up having a splendid Valentine's Day. ♥


  1. Your red velvet is the best I have ever eaten!!! Absolutely perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness!
    These look wonderful!
    Thank You.