Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!(DIY Snowmen oreos!)♥♥♥

Christmas always seems to bring out the kid in me.
I think it shows in every cupcake swirl sitting in my case today.
From a peanut butter reindeer frosting swirl on top of of Chocolate cupcake,
to the silly Olaf cupcakes beside them!

Since I live in Wisconsin, and the weather here is crazy cold,
I haven't been able to build a real snowman; so instead I sat inside in my nice cozy sweater, frosting covered yoga pants, and sparkle covered ugg boots, and made these!

Chocolate covered oreo snowmen!!!
These are so easy peasy that I thought I'd show you *all* how to make them yourself!

Since I'm sure you all know how to dip oreos in chocolate I skipped that part!
Or you can cheat, and buy the oreos already dipped in chocolate!
Yes they make some already dipped in chocolate!

Here are my already dipped oreos ready to be snowmen!!!

Here are all the fun things you need!
Besides the Chocolate covered oreos of course!

1. Chocolate candy melts
2. Orange colored candy melts
3. a cup to melt chocolate in.
4. Red Heart sprinkles! (because sprinkles make everything more fun!)
5. A cakepop stick
6. a little plastic bag. (I used one that I put over finished cakepops)

First you melt a little bit of the chocolate in the cup!
(Make sure you melt it 30sec. at a time so it doesn't burn!)

Then you dip your cakepop stick into the chocolate:

Then you just dab on some eyeballs!

Then the mouth!

Are your hands shaking yet? (:
Taaaaaadaaaa! It's got eyes, and a mouth now!

If you want to have girly snowmen, then you can
add a red Christmas hair bow to them like this!
Then to make the nose, you take that little plastic bag,
and melt a little bit of the orange colored candy melts in it,
cut off the little part on the end, so you just can draw on the nose with the chocolate!

Taaaaada!!!! You made snowmen oreos!

Here is my army of Chocolate covered oreo cuteness!!!

♥♥♥If you make some I'd *love* to see pictures!!!
Feel free to share on our facebook page. or in the comments below!

Cheers to a Merry Happy Christmas,
and a sparkly new year!!

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