Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five hundred....& one! (:

I woke up this morning with 501 likes on my iSparkle Cupcakes facebook page!
I can't believe 501 people like my cupcakes(: That makes me so happy!
Thank you all for supporting my cupcake dream!!! ((:
You make it all worth getting up at 5:45am in the morning to come in,
and bake yummy sparkly cupcakes!

It's been an exciting, and fun adventure these last couple of months.
I can honestly tell you that I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't leave here covered in sparkles, and frosting in my hair....all I need is a cherry on top(I need a cherry headband! hint hint!<3), and I'd look like a cupcake! 
So...since I have over 500 fans on facebook...
I think I promised you all a yummy sparkly cupcake giveaway...right?
Unless you don't want a free cupcake(;

I'm not going to tell you what you'll win...
It's going to be a surprise! <3
to enter go on to my facebook page
(you must like it if you don't already)!
Click the share button on this picture!
then come back here, tell me you shared it,
and what your favorite cupcake is!

pretty easy(:
I will pick a winner on July 10th! must be able to come pick it up at this address!
when I hit 1000 likes on facebook I'll give something away
that can be mailed so everyone can enter even if you don't live around here(:

If commenting
Anonymous PLEASE put your email address or I won't know who you are, and I can't put you in the drawing.


  1. shared. vanilla/vanilla

  2. shared! i love your cake pops! but i always take a bit off my kids cupcakes! i LOVE them all but really like the salted Carmel!

    1. Oh yes, salted caramel!!!!

  3. Shared! Unfortunately money's been tight so the only cupcake I've been able to try is the chocolate cheesecake, but let me tell you, I would legitimately say it was the best cupcake I've ever eaten!!

  4. Riley and I shared this awesome cupcake page :)

  5. Shared!! I have had a lot of your cupcakes and they are all just awesome!! It's hard to pick one but I will go with cookie dough :)

  6. iSparkle is fabulous! Great, innovative, fun, tasty cupcakes created by a motivated business owner in Wisconsin rapids. What a wonderful addition to our community this business has been! I love best of all the Salted Caramel!!!! I have shared!

  7. Shared! Best cupcake? Can't really chose ONE.

  8. shared! The camo cupcake with the white chocolate on top!!! LOVE IT!

  9. Shared! Love the Dirt Cake Cupcake but let's be honest all of them are delicious!!!

  10. Hi cassie i shared the picture coming into ur shop is just a break from stress and your Cupcakes are AMAZING!!!!!! me and my friends always fight about who gets the last one i love your frosting and then eat the cupcake tasting every bite thank you soo much for making cupcakes!!! and my favorite cupcake is cookies and cream

  11. Hi, I shared and my favorite is Salted Caramel!

  12. I them all.

  13. I shared and my favorite is Peanut Butter Cup!!

  14. Shared! Love Peanut Butter Cup!!

  15. Shared! Love the Chocolate ones you do with candy bars!

  16. Shared (: Salted far. ~Sandy

  17. Shared, so far the blueberry poptart cupcake.

  18. Shared! We came in and bought 2 containers of a variety of cupcakes but can't remember their names. Know some were Birthday Cake & they were all delicious, lol! Everyone enjoyed them! =)

  19. Shared! :) I loved all of them I've had so far!!!

  20. Shared!! I love your kit kit bar cupcake! But I'm thinking I need to try this salted caramel one that everyone is commenting on! Glad you are doing so well and enjoying every minute of it!! <3

  21. Shared...who can go wrong with cupcakes....can not pick a favorite but the salted caramel now has me wondering...