Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the tutu cupcake ♥♥

When I got an email to make a cupcake that was
pink, white, and sparkly for a girl on the day of her dance recital.......
the first thing that came to mind was a tutu.

I wanted to somehow turn my cupcake into a sparkly pink ballerina.

With help from my lovely tutu designer
(she makes all my sparkly tutus).
This was created! ♥♥
A ballerina outfit for a cupcake!
With the pink, and sparkles!
We had such a lovely time making this together.
The cupcake was pink, and sparkly, with beautiful swirls of roses.
This cupcake was like a total represent of my cupcakery.
Pink, sparkly, and full of life.

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