Tuesday, March 13, 2012

D.I.Y. Pot-O-Gold Cakepops!

St. Patrick's day is coming up.....
Are you going to wear green?
Or if you're anything like me you'll be wearing a green sparkly tutu,
while eating a sparkly Pot-O-Gold cakepop....

Well...you must have good luck
(did you find that lucky penny on the sidewalk...or maybe you're wearing your lucky socks today?)
because I'm going to help you make your own Pot-O-Gold cakepops! 

Bwahahahahahaha ♥

Do you even know how to make cakepops?
I make mine a little different then those fancy schmancy cakepop makers.

I crumble up my already baked cake..or cupcakes.
I find it easier to crumble the cake when it's still a little hot.
Then...I add a teeny tiny bit of frosting.
It's better to start with a small amount because you can always add more if needed...
but you can never take any out if you add too much! So start small(:

Shopping list:
Green Candy Melts.
Cakepop sticks.
Gold Sprinkles.
parchment paper.
Stuff to make your cake.

After all that........
Roll them into whatever size balls you want...because I have no idea how big you want your cakepops...so make them whatever size you want but I wouldn't go to big because then the stick might not hold it up, and it will fall over, and be a sad cakepop mess! ♥

I made my cakepops rainbow...because of the whole pot-O-gold at the end of the rainbow thing but you can make yours how ever you want, because they're yours...
& after they get made into the cakeballs you want to put them in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then go dance around in the kitchen to kill time!
After that then you get your cakepop sticks, and dip
just the ends into your green Candy Melts...just a little bit, and then
stick it into the cakeball about half way through.
After you get the sticks on all your cakeballs...
you get to dip them into the Candy Melts..and make them into cakepops!
I found that it is a lot easier to dip the cakepops if you put your candy melts in a coffee mug!
Weird I know..my moms idea but it works really well because it's narrow, and deep.
After you dip them then place them flat down on some parchment paper...
& kind of push down slightly to get that nice flat top.
After they dry....Then you get to dip them again!
But just the tops...this is how you get your gold sparkle to stick.
& then so on....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Awesome idea!!!! Thanks so much for the info!!
    Will these be for sale at iSparkle?

  2. Love cakepops, this is such a cute doable idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love the enthusiasm you bring to a blog. You can really tell that you love making cupcakes and that you love the people closest to you. Not to mention that your cupcakes are to die for! Keep living your dream, it is something that few people get to truely experience in their lifetime!