Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One year of sparkles!

Yes......It's true! Today marks one year of sparkling sparkles on your cupcakes!
The last year as been such an adventure!
Thousands, and thousands of cupcakes have gone out of my little store, and gone on to leave
that little speck of sparkle on your lips long after that cupcake is gone!

This was the start!!!!
I remember being at the mall baking until like
3am so I could have tons, and tons of sparkly cupcakes for my grand opening!!!

This was my store when I first opened!
It was cute, but wasn't totally *me* yet!

Then after gallons, and gallons of paint.....
my store is now cute, sparkly, and pink; just like my cupcakes!

I am overly thankful for where my cupcakes have taken me.
For all the fun people I've met just because I make cupcakes.
For all the hugs, and sparkly support from everyone!

You are all making *my* dreams come true!


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