Friday, November 11, 2011

home sweet home!

My Japan adventure ended with goodbye hugs, and kisses at the airport, and my last toffee nut frappachino from starbucks, and me waiting to board my 12 hour flight to Chicago where I sat next to the most untalkative guy ever in the airplane, then on my connecting flight I had a lovely flight attendant named Louise who didn't know how to say I'm sitting in my bedroom in the small town in Wisconsin that I live in, at almost two in the morning not being able to sleep because my body is still on Japan time, and thinks it's the middle of the afternoon; so what else is a girl to do then blog? Though maybe since I can't sleep I should clean up my room since everything is everywhere, and maybe it will tire me out!
drinking my over priced airport starbucks gingerbread frappachino
waiting for my last flight to get home.

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