Wednesday, March 14, 2012

one, two........♥

Today is my Nephew Nathan's birthday.....
He is two years old today.
He love's my cupcakes.

His smile is contagious. ♥
Even when he's naughty.
You can't help but laugh at him. 
Future heart breaker...I mean really! look at those eyes!
I made him an Elmo cupcake for his birthday.
Someday he's going to either hate me for this tutu picture,
or laugh about it with me. ♥
I think the cutest thing ever was
when I went to Japan for 2 months...
When I came back home, and walked through the door
he got so excited that his legs started moving before he did!
Then when I was unpacking he kept sitting in my suitcase like
he thought I was going to leave again,
and if I was he was coming with!
Happy Birthday to one of the silliest little boys I know,
my life wouldn't be the same without you.
I love you! ♥

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

D.I.Y. Pot-O-Gold Cakepops!

St. Patrick's day is coming up.....
Are you going to wear green?
Or if you're anything like me you'll be wearing a green sparkly tutu,
while eating a sparkly Pot-O-Gold cakepop....

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... must have good luck
(did you find that lucky penny on the sidewalk...or maybe you're wearing your lucky socks today?)
because I'm going to help you make your own Pot-O-Gold cakepops! 

Bwahahahahahaha ♥

Do you even know how to make cakepops?
I make mine a little different then those fancy schmancy cakepop makers.

I crumble up my already baked cake..or cupcakes.
I find it easier to crumble the cake when it's still a little hot.
Then...I add a teeny tiny bit of frosting.
It's better to start with a small amount because you can always add more if needed...
but you can never take any out if you add too much! So start small(:

Shopping list:
Green Candy Melts.
Cakepop sticks.
Gold Sprinkles.
parchment paper.
Stuff to make your cake.

After all that........
Roll them into whatever size balls you want...because I have no idea how big you want your make them whatever size you want but I wouldn't go to big because then the stick might not hold it up, and it will fall over, and be a sad cakepop mess! ♥

I made my cakepops rainbow...because of the whole pot-O-gold at the end of the rainbow thing but you can make yours how ever you want, because they're yours...
& after they get made into the cakeballs you want to put them in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then go dance around in the kitchen to kill time!
After that then you get your cakepop sticks, and dip
just the ends into your green Candy Melts...just a little bit, and then
stick it into the cakeball about half way through.
After you get the sticks on all your cakeballs...
you get to dip them into the Candy Melts..and make them into cakepops!
I found that it is a lot easier to dip the cakepops if you put your candy melts in a coffee mug!
Weird I moms idea but it works really well because it's narrow, and deep.
After you dip them then place them flat down on some parchment paper...
& kind of push down slightly to get that nice flat top.
After they dry....Then you get to dip them again!
But just the tops...this is how you get your gold sparkle to stick.
& then so on....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Joy of Cupcake biz.

It has it's ups, and downs...
Right now my cute little cupcake business
in the nice cozy mall in
Wisconsin Rapids has been everything but down.

Yesterday I had a lady come in around noon,
and cleared me out of cupcakes,
I had to start baking more!
It was a bittersweet feeling.

I adore all my encouraging cupcake friends I have been making.

This little cupcake adventure has shown me who my real friends are.
The ones who support my dream, and are right there beside me wishing me the best of luck.
I'm so thankful for you all, for everyone who has been helping me.
For everyone who comes in here everyday, and buys my cupcakes.
For my parents, and my grandma, and my sister, 
and my boyfriend(who loves me even if
I have frosting in my hair, and glitter on my face...he told me so),
and Kristy, and Kat for helping me in the kitchen...
if you didn't know Kat makes amazing cheesecake.
And that was totally a run on sentence!

I have big dreams for my cupcakes.
I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way of my dreams.
Sometimes you just have to reach for the stars,
and have the guts to grab them!

Leaning tower of cupcakes!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

the world is lovely if you believe it is.

I'm Cassie.
I'm my own person, with my own dreams, and you'll sometimes find me baking cupcakes in my cupcake fairy tutu. I like glitter, and sparkly things. Im enjoying life in my own little world where mean people don't matter, and everything is covered in glitter, and frosting. & your real friends are the ones who support you, and your dreams, and give you big warm hugs when your sad(:

I'm living the life(: